This is a story about an eight-year-old boy, living near the black forest in a village called Todtnau, in Germany. At this dock he once met some very special people, travellers, with amazing stories about the world. They amazed Tomas so much that ever since the morning they had suddenly disappeared, he has been waiting eagerly for their return. For them to take him away, away from his lonely orphan life, to take him on a journey, with wonderment and beauty. He never knew his parents, or anyone who did. He was found by a young woman who lived in Todtnau, her name was Cora, she was the Miller's daughter and enjoyed the outdoors. She took him in and cared for him. She was the only one in the village who had the same wonderment and curiosity for the world and life as Tomas did, they were thick as thieves. Sadly she died an early death when she was only thirty one years young, from a lung infection. Tomas was only six when she parted this world. The Miller wasn't as kind to Tomas as his daughter, but he let him stay to honor Cora. See the Miller had lost his wife a year before Cora found Tomas in the black forest. Tomas had a big imagination and spent a lot of time wandering through the woods, when on day he came across two boats carrying over twenty very exuberant and happy men, women and children. They looked like humans from a different world or planet, they looked genuinely happy, free spirited and found joy in almost anything. They celebrated every moment, played music, danced, sang, talked, laughed and told the most exciting tales about all the places they had already visited and all the amazing things they had seen. Tomas felt for the first time that he was understood again, that he finally had a place to call home. One morning he raced to the river, to join those incredible people he had met at this very dock on the banks of the river Worse. But they were gone, he has been returning to the river ever since. Hoping for them to return and take him on their adventure. There was especially one person he was hoping to see again, this gypsy's name was Aaran, which means enlightened and mountain of strength, which described him beautifully. He came from a land called Brazil, where fiesta, meaning party, was like oxygen. He told Tomas beautiful stories about life and love, how he sailed to Asia, through Europe and was on his way to Africa. He had heard all about Africa's rich culture, vibrant music and amazing nature and wildlife. Tomas couldn't imagine how it would be like, but he dreamed about it every night, how he would laugh and live amongst the travellers. But they were gone, a dream that had just drifted away in the stream, as quickly as it had once appeared.