What the world needs is more imagination and wonder!  More moments in a day where you stop and take a moment to enjoy the beautiful things in life, to be amazed or moved. Also I am looking for pure hearts, I am honest, hard working and let my work speak for me.

What I use to accomplish this is film, animation, photography , graphic design and light.






01-2017 - present

Co-founder of Astrid & Roel

Film, animation, graphic and light design


Graduation exhibition 2017, FHK Fontys, Tilburg

'Expedition Black Hole'

Production and head of the organisation


09-2016 - 12-2016

Internship at Onomatopee, Eindhoven

Exhibition space, publisher and bookstore

Overall assistant and graphic designer


09-2016 - 12-2016

Internship at Sterk-Water, Tilburg

Film production, editing and concept development


01-2016 - 07-2016

Poster and image design:

'Jacques de Leeuw' award 2016


09-2015 - 11-2015

Dutch Design week, Fontys Factory,

Temporary Arts Centre, exhibition ‘Cancer’, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Concept development, execution, reception and PR


02-2015 - 07-2015

Music video, AVA Silver - Permanent Lie

Concept development, camera work, special effects and editing


01-2015 - 04-2015

VJAZZ evenings in cooperation with Paradox Jazz café, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Promotion, spatial design and VJ design of 3 evening shows